baked to perfection

The Little Berko Bakery



Although the majority of our clients are multi-national corporates, we love the work we do for smaller independents. In most cases we are able to feel truly involved in helping to steer their success. With The Little Berko Bakery, not only were we there from the start but we enjoyed the added bonus of some fantastic cakes!

Looking to turn a hobby in to a business, Sam turned to us to develop the brand, visual identity, positioning and a host of marketing materials, including their website and digital presence.




The Little Berko Bakery have gone from strength to strength and we have worked in tandem since they were established. The list of marketing materials and point of sale items continues to grow, as does their list of satisfied customers.

Why not get in touch to see how we can help with the visual aspects of your marketing challenges. We are always on the look out for clients who can bring out the best in us.




We have been assisting The Little Berko Bakery in repositioning their brand to reflect their progression in to the premium end of the wedding cake market, whilst retaining the personal feel. From adjusting their logo ident, to tweaking their colour palette and through to art directing photography. With the added bonus of a freshly baked treat leaving the oven whenever we arrive, always one of our favourite clients.